Oostburg School District

Building on past successes which included a 1992 addition and remodeling project at the Middle School and High School as well as a 1998 addition and remodeling project at the Elementary School and High School, Jos. Schmitt recently completed 74,579 s.f. of additions and remodeling to all three district buildings.

“On behalf of the Oostburg School Board, Administration, staff and community we wish to commend you for your professionalism in completing our building ahead of schedule and under budget. Your timely completion date allowed us to start the school year out in the new building with all equipment installed and in place. The $140,000.00 under budget savings we realized allowed us to renovate our old middle school facility into an esthetically pleasing and functional Upper Elementary.

We thank you for your personal attention to this project and are proud that you are from the Oostburg community. We have received nothing but praise for this project and the quality of workmanship. THANKS! Again for your part in making achievement of this milestone for Oostburg education, a pleasant experience that we can look back on with pride.”


Marvin Hopland, Mike Donnelly, John Lacke

“It is my pleasure to offer a strong recommendation to you as you consider a contractor for your building project. We have had a very positive experience working with Jos. Schmitt as they worked closely with our architect and district wide referendum committee. Overall it was a very successful team experience that included surveying the community and conducting a successful ad campaign to keep the public well informed. This will be my third project working with Jos. Schmitt and I think you will be very pleased with the quality they have to offer. Based on my experiences they have earned my trust and developed positive relationships… two critical attributes for any successful building project!”

Brian H Hanes, Ph.D.


Project Owner

School District of Oostburg


Abacus Architects

Completion Date

May 2009

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410 New York Ave
Oostburg, WI 53070
United States

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