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Jos. Schmitt has had a lasting relationship with the Sheboygan Falls School District, dating back to 1990 and has included new buildings, additions, and remodels of the middle school, high school, elementary school and aquatic center.

The newly built Sheboygan Falls Elementary School is a 105,000 sq. ft. two-story building.  It serves 700 students from Early Childhood through fourth grade. Previously, third and fourth grade students shared a building with fifth and sixth graders, and the early childhood through second graders were at a different facility altogether.  This new building allowed the district to abandon an old inefficient structure and bring the lower grade levels together while increasing space for the middle schoolers.

The structure was designed to foster team learning among grade levels.  Each grade level shares a large resource room, a team room and storage areas.  The instructional materials center is at the heart of the school.  Physical Education space and the cafeteria were positioned within the building to allow for after-hours community use while keeping other areas secure.

The exterior materials used on the building were in keeping with many of the historic structures in the downtown area of Sheboygan Falls.  Brick, stone and glass were used to set off green windows and doors. The interior spaces all have an abundance of natural light and colors befitting an elementary school.

“(Tom) Grams praised Steven Schmitt with being the driving force behind making the water slide a reality. The people of Sheboygan Falls are getting much more pool than they’re paying for thanks to the community-mindedness of Steven Schmitt and Jos. Schmitt Construction.

“Steven Schmitt has been such a wonderful supporter of our school system and our community…,” observed Riter. “By doing the project with no markup, Steven Schmitt saved the district and its taxpayers a substantial amount of money, which in turn allowed us to do more things that otherwise would have been hard, if not impossible, to accommodate.””
Sheboygan Falls News Feb 28, 2001

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