J.L. French Corporation

Since 1968 Jos. Schmitt & Sons has partnered with JL French Automotive Castings, Inc. to complete several major projects as well as countless smaller jobs.

“As has been our experience on previous jobs by Schmitt & Sons, the 1992 addition and the Gateway building projects went extremely well. Both were finished under budget and ahead of schedule under their leadership. They exhibited a willingness to adapt to changing conditions, always mindful of who the customer was. They orchestrated each project by providing proper direction and discipline to the architects and the various sub-contractors, keeping everyone working towards the same goals. The end results were excellent.

For future programs, we intend to use Schmitt & Sons. Our past experience would determine a change to another to be very unwise.”

James L. French

President of J.L. French Corporation

Project Owner

J.L. French Corp. Now Owned by: Nemak Wisconsin


R.J. Jarvis Associates

Completion Date

Completed December 2007

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3101 S Taylor Dr
Sheboygan, WI 53081
United States