Our Process

Our process begins and ends with the customer. We are customer focused, and customer driven.

Planning a project is rarely simple, but we try to make it as uncomplicated as possible. We listen, learn, develop, and execute. This is what our process typically looks like. Scroll down to learn more. 

The Jos. Schmitt Process

Planning a project is rarely simple, but we try to make it as transparent as possible for all our clients. Here’s what the process typically looks like to get started.

This is the critical information gathering phase that will set the tempo of the project. When we get this right, we are assured that the rest of the process will go right. This is where we ask questions, listen, learn, and hear the customer’s vision. This is also where a relationship starts to form.

There are many directions in which a project can go. It is our job to craft the strategy that will take your vision and turn it into a reality. Solutions and options are presented to the client, and the final approach is made. This is when the excitement begins. Together, we select the team to design and construct your project.

This almost seems like the easy part of the process. This is where the Jos. Schmitt construction team shines. At this stage, the project management and field staffs take over, driving the project through every curve and straight away to the finish line.  However, our job is never completed until the customer is satisfied: And you can count on us to complete every project!

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